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In 1996, Brian Ulsh began cutting grass as a way to make extra income after school. He believed that by offering a quality service at a reasonable price, he could give his clients their most valuable commodity back to them... their time. After the first year he realized the potential he had to make this a valuable business, and in the winter of 1997, The Lawn Barber was first founded. As time went on Brian noticed the perception that most of his clients had of landscapers was a negative one. Striving to perform contrary to their normal expectations, he continued learning all he could about the "Green Industry" and what his clients' wants and needs were.

Around 2000, after working for several years for another lawn maintenance company, Ryan Tuttle had begun his own lawn maintenance business, Tuttle’s Lawn Care; which was focused primarily on basic mowing and general cleanup services. Armed with his truck, trailer, mower and dream of one day being a leader in the industry, he worked diligently for the next several years building up his client-base.

With their main focus geared towards customer service, to better serve their existing clients, Ryan and Brian began a partnership in the winter of 2004 and ultimately became The Lawn Barber Corporation. Sharing common interests and goals regarding their lawn maintenance careers, Ryan and Brian decided it was mutually beneficial to combine their assets and existing customer bases.

To better serve their clients, they both decided it would be best if there was one owner and in January of 2013, Ryan bought Brian’s portion of the company and he is now the sole and proud owner and CEO of the The Lawn Barber Corporation. Currently, the company is taking proactive measures to expand the Hampton Roads area business by actively marketing more service options as well as creating innovative techniques for servicing our client base.


The best time to water your turf is in the early morning.

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